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  Mian Xiang Mastery Online Series™ Level 1 : Five Officers Analysis

Your Ears and Your Childhood

Lesson Code:MXP1301
Course Type:Self-paced Online Course
Instructor: Joey Yap
Course Medium:Video Lectures, Slides and Study Notes
Pre-Requisites :None
Price: US$ 20.90


The lesson on the ears begins with Joey describing what the ears represent, and highlighting the four key factors that have special relevance. As Joey explains, much of these factors are largely dependent on the physical traits of the ears. This is precisely what the lesson focuses on, giving students a chance to be able to use these theoretical principles in direct Face Reading evaluations.

First things first: students are taught how to analyse the ears, and Joey explains in detail the six factors to watch out for. These include: the setting and symmetry of the ears, the flexibility of the ears, the rims or borders of the ears, the shells of the ears, and the wind-gaps.

Each of these factors is then explored in detail. First, Joey explains the importance of the setting of the ears. The setting is largely concentrated on the location of the ears and how it relates to the rest of the face. Can high or low ears actually define a person's intelligence? You'll find out in this lesson, as Joey tells you exactly how to find out, and what it all means. Other factors also play a role in the setting of the ears, including the alignment of the ears.

Joey then goes on to explicate on the importance of the flexibility of the ears, or rather, the 'feel' of one's ears. Soft or hard ears indicate respective personality traits that are similarly 'soft' or 'hard' - which is really an interesting thing to think about and further explore with one's own ears!

Other interesting aspects of the ears are the rims, or borders, of the ears, as well as the shells. One can evaluate the rims or borders by observation, and also by touch. It matters in this aspect if it's hard and rigid, or soft and yielding. The rims of the ears could also pose an interesting correlation with a person's health and immune system. On the other hand, the shells of the ears can tell a lot about a person's sense of receptivity to new ideas, and can indicate one's level of open-mindedness and flexibility. The wind-gaps, as Joey explains, also tell of similar character traits.

The final component of the class sees Joey explaining the relation of the Cosmic Trinity in the practice of Face Reading, and how this ties to the ears in particular. The individual aspects of the Cosmic Trinity: Heaven, Earth, and Man are explained in relation to respective parts of the ear. This analysis typically tends to yield insightful personality traits!

The lesson ends with Joey reminding students that they will need to study and observe their own ears in relation to all that they have learnt, in order to immediately put to practice all the key principles and concepts.

At the end of this Lesson, students will be able to:

  • Recognise what factors are represented by the ears
  • Analyse the ears for setting, symmetry, flexibility, rims, shells, and wind-gaps
  • The Cosmic Trinity of the ears and which parts correspond to Heaven, Earth, and Man

Our Online Lesson Include:
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Price: US$ 20.90

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